Go from feeling anxious, codependent, and unworthy about the choices and decisions you make to having 100% confidence in your ability to TRUST yourself.


“(Since SLOC), I’m less inclined to rush things, and look for external validation. Now I ask - what do I feel about this person/situation? Do they align with my core values? Do they add to my preexisting happiness, or do I see them as an escape from low self-worth?

-Pooja, former SLOC student




This is where Self Love Over Codependency comes in. This 8-module online teaches you how to re-wire your old thinking patterns into new thought patterns that are supportive to YOU and what you want out of life.
It was once thought that the things we come to know, learn, and believe about ourselves and others are fixed and set in stone, BUT research on a phenomenon called “neuroplasticity” actually shows that the brain can change and develop new patterns of thinking based on:

If you once learned patterns that didn’t serve you and how you view yourself and others, you can learn patterns that DO serve you.

What if Self Love Over Codependency could help you do this?

What if it could provide all the elements you need to help support your transformation from self-doubt to total confidence?

You were made for more than:
-Having your sense of self, your feelings, and your reality be determined by others,
-Spiraling into thoughts of shaminginvalidating, and criticizing yourself
-Giving your ALL to others, and little to none to yourself and questioning yourself wondering...
"Did I do the right thing?"
"Are they upset at me?
"Are they going to leave me?"

"Should I have said that?"


Tell me if this sounds like you:

⚡You are afraid to use your voice and feel you have to over-explain yourself in order for people to actually understand you. You want to be confident that what you say is ENOUGH.

⚡You spiral into feelings of guilt, shame, overthinking, and the need to people please when you think someone doesn't like you. You want to live a life where what others think about you isn't even on your radar.

⚡  You grew up in a home where your thoughts, feelings, and desires were constantly invalidated and learned to value everyone's opinions but your own.

⚡When it comes to figuring out what you want or need you find yourself asking multiple people, looking up answers on the internet, or making the decision everyone else around you makes.

 ⚡   You can't help but worry, "What if I made the WRONG choice?" whenever you finally do make a decision. Anxiety creeps in HARD but you want to learn how to trust yourself FULLY.

⚡ You don't trust that things GET to be good for you. You are constantly waiting for the other shoe to drop but you want to feel worthy and secure that you deserve the best in life.

⚡ You constantly monitor your own behavior around other people and adjust yourself according to how you think they want you to act. You dream of being fully & authentically yourself without feeling self-conscious or bad about who you are.

⚡ You feel like you are stuck in a cycle of living an unsatisfying life where your relationships do not reflect what you feel you deserve. You often feel invalidated by the very people closest to you.

⚡  You struggle to TRUST that you are enough. You have a looming feeling that you always need to be doing more or changing aspects of yourself in order for people to like you and in order for them to stay.

⚡ You have been the go to person for holding space and being available around the clock for everyone but yourself. You want to put yourself, your needs, and your emotions first, but you fear if you do,  SOMEONE will get upset with you.

Self-love Over Codependency is the tried-and-true path to authentic confidence, self-trust, and next-level security in your worthiness.

I know it because the techniques and lessons in this course was the path that got me and my past students to where they are today.

Imagine how incredible it’s gonna feel when you wake up in the morning not rushing
to check if *they* finally texted you back after 3 days of waiting for a reply but instead,
to questions and thoughts like

“How am I feeling today?”
“Wow I look BOMB today!”
“Do I want to do ______ today? Does this feel good to me?”

Imagine being able to attend events, parties, & dinners with your friends & colleagues

without feeling that *gaping* feeling of inadequacy, isolation, & self-comparison that comes clear out of nowhere.

Imagine getting through your mid-day interactions with the cashier
at Target not focused on their shifting moods
or if they may be upset with you because they angrily handed you a receipt but instead,
so blissfully at peace with your inner world & self-esteem that you didn’t even notice their attitude.


Imagine carrying on with your errands later that day, and actually feeling WORTHY and secure enough to say things like:

- At the nail salon: "Would you please make the foot bath water slightly hotter?"

-At the coffee shop: "Could you please add some more milk?"

- To your friend on the phone: "Thanks for the invite but I won't be able to make it tonight, I'm pretty tired after such a long day."

with 0 guilt, fear, and worry as to HOW others will respond to you.

Imagine ending your night not with overwhelming,
self-critical thoughts of how it was “dumb” of you to do “x”
or that you’re a mess because of “y” but instead,
smiling at yourself in the mirror beaming and radiating with joy-maybe even laughing with yourself because you completely accept your mistakes and mess-ups. Imagine being able to be care-free, relaxed and laid-back about your mistakes.


It’s not your fault you don’t have this yet.

there were 3 things working against you:

You endured an emotionally abusive relationship or childhood (or both!) where you learned that who you are not “enough” and that you need to be changed/corrected/taught by someone outside of you how to get to be “enough”.  

This is 100% UNTRUE.
Your worth
CANNOT be concluded or determined by anyone or anything outside of you, this is within you.

You’ve come to believe that your critical inner voice that is constantly tearing you down, invalidating/downplaying your feelings, and comparing you to others is your voice. Also untrue

That voice actually came from other people. Identifying your true inner voice & aligning with your true beliefs about yourself is how this false, critical voice loses its power.

You were made to feel like something was inherently “wrong” with you.
You feel like because of this, you are constantly getting involved with relationships or friendships
that don’t serve you and do not feel fulfilling and have you feeling like, “Why does this happen to ME but not them?!

This is rooted in the patterns/beliefs you learned in childhood/in past relationships and NOT in the truth of who you are.



very codependent, low-self esteem, afraid to use my voice, CONSTANTLY checking in with other people to make sure I was making "the right" decisions for myself, 0 confidence in my ability to make choices for myself 


free from codependency, fully embodying my self-worth, seeing myself through my own eyes, 100% confident in my ability to use my voice and to make choices and decisions for myself, authentically confident in who I am 

Hi, I'm Beatrice. I'm the creator of the Self Love Over Codependency program, a Self-love and embodiment coach, and a former codependent who was raised at the hands of narcissistic abuse. I used to wrestle DAILY with trusting myself to make decisions. Every decision I made or wanted to make was always met with overthinking, self-doubt, WORRY and the fear that I could possibly do the "wrong" thing.

I remember waking up EVERY day feeling really low about myself.

I remember hating that I was constantly getting ghosted left and right by guys that I thought were the “one”.

I remember what a juggling act it felt like trying to make sure every single person around me was happy and not upset with me and I remember feeling like a lost cause- like I was broken, a burden, and “annoying” to everyone around me.

I remember what it felt like to go through the rollercoaster high, highs of feeling really good about myself when someone complimented me and the low, lows when someone criticized me.

I wasn't actually sure of HOW to feel about myself unless other people defined it for me.

I was always on one extreme or the other because I was truly convinced at my core that no one actually liked me and I knew it, but I wanted so badly to get other people to like me so that I wouldn’t have to feel the pain of what I falsely believed to be true about myself.

Here’s where things changed for me.

I learned about how to overcome codependency and got the help I needed, began to do my own inner work & I developed my own tools to help me learn how to work through my fear, doubt, lack of confidence, and my low self-esteem in a healthy way.

I started choosing me.


I decided to align with my WORTHINESS

I decided I no longer want to let life happen to me.

I decided I wanted to let life happen FOR me.

I began to get so intentional about learning the truth about who I was so that I could distinguish my thoughts about myself from other peoples’.

I began to accept myself, forgive myself, and celebrate myself.

I began to be UNSHAKABLE in my confidence in myself.

Once I began to do this, I started to see myself- for the very first time- through my own eyes.

And I began to believe, trust, and stand behind what I saw instead of what other people saw.

Now, I am so firmly rooted in the truth of who I am that no one’s criticism, thoughts, or opinions have anything on what I know to be true about who I am.

codependent and struggling with overthinking, self-doubt, and fear to a lifestyle of DEEP authentic self-trust & confidence in who they are.


This course is incredibly comprehensive in that it teaches you the ins and outs of the foundations of cultivating Self-Love, Worthiness, & Confidence.

In this course, I teach you how to become more confident in yourself, in using your voice, in setting boundaries, and in making choices for yourself by helping you clear the limiting beliefs around your worthiness you learned as a result of childhood trauma & codependency.

Self Love Over Codependency teaches you how to shed the limiting beliefs you learned in childhood so that you can confidently choose YOU so that you no longer have to people please or make choices out of guilt, shame, or fear.

I teach you how to do this by helping you anchor in feelings of SAFETY and security in your nervous system after YEARS of feeling on edge, anxious, and hypervigilant.

Self Love Over Codependency will bring you back to you.

Something I know you’ve been desperately wanting to experience for years
- if not your whole life.


Before SLOC, I had a lot more self hatred and loathing, I also felt guilty most of the time that the way other people respond and their problems were things that were my fault or within my control. After taking SLOC, I see myself as a being worthy of being loved and just being as opposed to doing. I can just allow myself to be. I am worthy of love and don’t have to earn it. 


I was very anxious before SLOC. When you understand why your body and mind operates when you've experienced trauma, over time it helps you slow your thoughts down. Now, I am more cool, calm and collected because I feel empowered with the information I learned. 
I believe that I am a strong woman and that I am worthy of everything I want. I can't say I felt that way before.



Life was dark. Life felt out of control and sometimes it can feel like that, however through SLOC I have the tools to manage through hard times and look forward to life and what it has to throw at me as opposed to dreading it. I have learned to separate myself from my thoughts which unbeknownst to me really had a hold on my life and my actions. I can be the parent I always needed and promise myself safety.


SLOC really helped affirm me and gave me the practical tools to be aware/conscious in all my little habits/practices. I also learned that I am really not alone in this self love journey just by interacting with other SLOC students.


SLOC was life changing. Beatrice is phenomenal. She is so validating, supportive, and helped me understand the information I was learning! She gives great examples. The community aspect is great, and I met a couple people in the group I now call friends :) It helps when I felt supported while doing some tough interal work. I loved how integrated the program was. There was so many different ways to soak in what I was learning which made the process easier.


Thank you for this, before SLOC, I though I was alone, and no one understood me, but hearing how others felt like the way I did made me feel less alone and that it’s okay to feel like that to, so thank you for creating a safe place where we could talk, being there for us, and answering questions and concerns we had


This was my first step at self-help, I was pretty depressed and didn't know how to come out of it. I really appreciate the work that Beatrice does and thank her so much for putting in the work. I am more willing to open up and I actually have a productive way to do that because I understand myself and my emotions better. It was also amazing to know that I wasn't alone in some of the struggles that I face, in the feelings that I experience, and to know that I am not alone in this journey of self-love is an incredible feeling.


*The name of this SLOC alum has been changed to protect her identity

Flash forward to when you are at the end of the 8-module course
Just picture what’s gonna be possible for you when you finally
overcome codependency and step into the UNSHAKABLE self-trust:

💕Saying no will become as easy as breathing. You will no longer feel obligated to go to the next family event to avoid upsetting your family members.

💕You will confidently be able to set that boundary with your parents with 0 shame, guilt, or fear.

💕You will become so deeply IMMERSED in your worthiness, you will no longer be worried if the guy you're dating has moved on if he hasn't texted you for a couple of hours. You'll trust that he isn't going anywhere.

💕You will finally tell that coworker that you can't take on that extra project with 0 fear or worry about what they'll think of you.

💕Rather than feeling rejected and abandoned when your friends go a couple of days without checking on you, you'll trust that they actually love and care about you and aren't going anywhere.

💕Instead of trying to make sure you say all the right things on dates and with friends, you show up authentic and carefree REAL you.

💕You will FINALLY be able to tell your boss when you can't take on another project without guilt or the need to people-please. 

💕Gone are the days where you feel "like a burden" for asking for help. Now you feel worthy of support and confident enough to ask for it. 

💕No more doubting that you aren't skilled enough or deserving of that job or that business you want to go after. Now, you TRUST and believe that you are MORE than worthy and qualified. Bye imposter syndrome!




Self Love Over Codependency includes:


 (Self Study version)

🌙 Powerful, liberating affirmations and meditations that bring your new truths of confidence, worthiness, and self-trust to your subconscious (I've frequently been told the meditations alone have helped students quickly shift into finally BELIEVING & anchoring in affirmations)

🌙 PDF guides and journal prompts to help you eliminate limiting beliefs, fear, worry, and doubt  and integrate the transformational lessons from the video lessons.

🌙 8 modules, and over 30 step-by-step recorded video lessons that will help you anchor in self-acceptance, confidence, and DEEP unshakable trust in yourself & your intuition.

(Live, 10 week group program version End of September 2021- Dec 1, 2021):

Includes ALL of the above and...

🌙  5 Bi-weekly group coaching calls via zoom where we dive DEEPER into helping you integrate confidence in yourself. (We begin our calls early October 2021).

🌙  A highly supportive and validating private facebook group led by Beatrice and reserved for SLOC students only 




Upholding & honoring your needs and communicating to yourself in a loving way that affirms your worthiness plays a big role in confidence and changing the narrative of your harsh, inner critic. 

Even if you did not learn this in childhood you can absolutely learn it, now. 


📌 how to release the shame of your past and what others think about you that has been holding you captive for far too long.

📌Healing your fractured relationship with your parents/inner child wounds

📌Validating your needs & feelings

📌 how to validate yourself, even when everyone around you does not.

📌 becoming in tune with your needs & releasing the guilt associated with them.

📌  Working through abandonment, fear of rejection/relationships ending, and trauma bonds that have been keeping you repeating relationship patterns that aren't serving you.

📌 and more ...




In this module, we go DEEP into working through triggers and staying ROOTED in confidence even with a history of gaslighting (occurs when people invalidate your reality, thoughts, and feelings)


📌 Responding vs. reacting. Learn how to understand, identify, and work through your triggers so they NO LONGER have a hold on you and how you feel about yourself.

📌How to communicate with people even when they make you feel unheard and unseen

📌 how to no longer let other people's emotions, thoughts, or opinions of you affect you

 📌  How to set boundaries with 0 fear

📌 and more ...



In this module, we dive DEEP into ways to safely settle back into your body so that anxiousness that comes about in social settings, rejection, and abandonment NO LONGER has a hold on you.


📌 Feeling safe enough to use your voice, ask for things, and vocalize your concerns WITHOUT FEAR.

📌 tools to help decrease feelings of anxiousness, worry, and uneasiness in the body.

📌 How to no longer be preoccupied with what other people think about you in social settings

📌Releasing the fear, stress, and worry around abandonment and rejection

📌 and more ...



In this module I talk all things self-esteem, the foundations of self-esteem, and how law of attraction & self-esteem work hand in hand in the way you see yourself & how you feel about what you deserve. Say goodbye to limiting beliefs like "I'm not attractive" or "people think I'm annoying" that are just NOT true. Time for you to flip the script and reframe EVERYTHING you once believed about yourself.


📌 limiting beliefs that you have come to believe about yourself from childhood and how to release them

📌 the law of attraction and how it shows up in your relationships, friendships, and how you feel about yourself and how to make it work for YOU.

📌 Stepping into the fullness and confidence of who you are and letting go of the “stories” (limiting beliefs) you’ve been unknowingly telling yourself that have been keeping your self esteem low for LONG ENOUGH.

📌 and more ...





In this module, we begin the true work: Shadow Work. We talk about ego, the role of the ego in our lives (hint: You've never heard anyone talk about ego like THIS before) and how to release the shame & guilt around people pleasing and so much more


📌 Releasing people pleasing and the shame and guilt around it.


📌 Confidently choosing your needs first- say goodbye to constantly shapeshifting into other people’s versions of “truth” and hello to standing firm in your own.

📌 No longer feeling the anxiety and obligation to take care of everything and everyone else before yourself.

📌Releasing the idea that what you DO for others is what makes you worthy 

📌 and more ...




In this module, we continue the shadow work as we dive into the parts of ourselves that we feel we have to put ON for others: the perfect, all knowing version of ourselves and the part of us that sacrifices our time, resources, and energy for others.


📌 Releasing the anxiety around perfectionism and always having to have it "together"

📌 Actionable tools to teach you how to move from being critical towards yourself for your past mistakes to being understanding and non-judgemental towards yourself

📌 Finally feeling worthy and secure enough to allow in SUPPORT and help so that you don't have to do "everything" by yourself.

📌Releasing the pressure of being the only one who HAS to help and show up for someone who asks

📌 and more ...




In this module, we continue the shadow work as we explore feelings of helplessness, thoughts of "things always go wrong for me" and spiraling down the rabbit hole of thoughts of worry.


📌 Releasing the idea that things can't always be good for you. Releasing the idea that "something bad always has to happen" and shifting into 100% security that when things are good they get to STAY good.

📌 Shifting into feeling like you CAN make decisions for yourself and you CAN do "hard things"- trusting that you CAN make good decisions for yourself

📌 No longer spiraling down the rabbit hole of "what if (insert bad thing) happens?"

📌 and more ...




In the last module of shadow work, we explore the parts of ourselves that feel like we have to play small, suppress our voices, feel unworthy of compliments, and struggle with vulnerability and being "soft".


📌 Learning how to accept and feel worthy of compliments

📌 Learning how to open up that throat chakra and ask for what you need and speak on what is on your mind

📌Releasing the idea that you have to "be strong" and that "feelings are a sign of weakness". Learn how to make space and have compassion for ALL your emotions.

📌 and more ...



🌙 BONUS MODULE 1Maintaining & Balancing Your Energy around Narcissists & "Difficult People"

🌙BONUS MODULE 2: Survival guide for Triggers, CPTSD, Emotional Flashbacks, & Social Anxiety

🌙BONUS MODULE 3:  Working through Overthinking & Anxiety of Anticipating Rejection 

🌙BONUS MODULE 4:  Using Meditation to connect to your Intuition/ Your Inner Truth

🌙BONUS MODULE 5: Reclaiming Who You Are After Trauma

🌙BONUS MODULE 6: Shifting into Feeling Worthy of Healthy Relationships

🌙BONUS MODULE 7: Trusting Your Intuition

🌙BONUS MODULE 8: Why Inner Work Doesn't Have to be Lonely or Stressful



- *free* additional 60 minute LIVE Group Q&A Zoom Call with Beatrice for both self-study and LIVE students (only available if you enroll during this September launch!)

- *free access* to the live masterclass with Beatrice on Self Trust after Narcissistic Abuse in October (hurry! Only Available if you enroll by 9/16!)

- Learn how to fall in LOVE with your unique personality with *free access* to the live masterclass with Beatrice on Owning Your Magnetism using Rising Sign Astrology in November. (hurry! Only Available if you enroll by 9/16!)


In total, that’s over $6000 worth of incredible & life-changing material and support, all rolled into one. single. place.


But Self Love Over Codependency doesn’t cost that.
Whoa no, sis. 


Self-study Version


Ready for self-study!


Self-study Version

3 Monthly Payments of $340

Ready for self-study!


Self-study Version

8 Monthly Payments of $131

Ready for self-study!





I used to define myself a certain way (based on what ex-partners and parents had said about me in the past). I carried these labels around my whole life, this course enabled me to see things differently. Those definitions/labels weren’t mine, they were someone else’s opinion, an opinion probably framed by their own shame/judgement/shadows of themselves. It’s been very freeing to let go of that label, it felt like a weight on my shoulders for so long.

*Note, this SLOC student has requested to have a pseudonym in place of her name to protect her identity


"I would take a lot of things personally. SLOC helped me to understand that someone disliking me had zero to do with my worth as a person and more to do with their mindset...what I learned in SLOC has helped me to stop, take a breath, and remember that it's not about me."


After multiple failed relationships I find it very difficult to fully engage in new dating experiences/romantic partners. It’ll take more time before I’m able to see the benefits in my love/dating life. But I am beginning to break patterns in the kinds of partners I seek out. The kind, generous, authentic people who don’t make me feel like I need to chase them are coming into my life without me having to try to seek them out. Healthier prospects are presenting themselves to me, despite me not being ready to accept them right now, I think the fact that I’m not finding myself falling into trauma bonds anymore is a good sign - maybe my ‘energy is at a different frequency’ now, so those toxic partners don’t get onto my wavelength anymore. We are all just mirrors, right! 😘

*Note, this SLOC student has requested to have a pseudonym in place of her name to protect her identity

Here’s why now is the perfect time for you to take this program:



⚡You know that your healing depends on you stepping up for the inner child within you that desperately needs you to CHOOSE and show up for them after years of feeling abandoned from everyone around you. This is your chance to show yourself the commitment, love, and attention you know you DESERVE.


⚡ You are tired of living a life of shame & guilt about who you are, your choices, and your decisions and are ready to live unapologetically YOUR way.


⚡ You are realizing something HAS to give. There has to be more to life than overthinking, feeling like you have to do everything "perfectly" all the time, and walking on eggshells around everyone. You're realizing you DESERVE to live a life of PEACE.


⚡ You healing and stepping into your worthiness and confidence has a DOMINO effect: your romantic relationships and friendships strengthen and become healthier and the generational trauma ends with YOU. This means because you stepped up and CHOSE you, your children, their children etc. grow up feeling healthy and deeply LOVED.



You’re tired of falling down the Youtube rabbit hole of “how to know your worth” and “how to feel confident” feeling inspired but not feeling like you truly have the tools to do it.

You're tired of trying to figure it out all on your own.

If you made it this far, you owe it to yourself to take this course and experience the transformation you’ve been looking for.

Imagine walking powerfully in your truth, being able to self-validate your feelings and emotions, and releasing the responsibility of how other people feel about you.


You deserve this.


The Self Love Over Codependency doors will only be open for a limited time,
will you walk over to the other side?

Will today be the day you finally say “yes” to your inner child and give them
the tools they’ve been looking for their whole life?


I hope you choose you, sis.




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